What's your BFF?

*best fragrance forever


1. On a night out in a swanky bar you order:
Champagne (D)
A lychee martini (A)
A glass of white wine (B)
A trendy cocktail (C)

2. You've got a big job interview, so you wear:
Trousers, a smart top and jacket (B)
A cute new suit with heels and a great bag (C)
A wrap-dress in a rich colour (A)
Your favourite shift dress with statement jewellery (D)

3. You fear being:
Judged (B)
Ignored (A)
Stressed (C)
Disorganised (D)

4. It's your friend's birthday, but you haven't got her a gift yet. You:
Make her a voucher on your computer for something fun (D)
Pick up a card and bottle of wine on the way (B)
Apologise and promise to make it up to her (A)
Wrap up the new scarf still under your desk (C)

5. When it comes to your social life, you're:
The glue that keeps everyone together (C)
Happy to hang out with a few close pals (B)
Always out and about with different friends (A)
Not great at keeping in touch, but good at picking up where you left off (D)


Which of these statements apply to you?

1. I always wear pencil skirts and trousers (B)
2. I love gossip mags (C)
3. In the past, I've had bouts of overeating (A)
4. I'm 'all or nothing' (D)
5. I can seem confident, but I can be shy (A)
6. I read news online (B)
7. I've had the same handbag for years (D)
8. Saying no is difficult (C)
9. I always go on holiday to a different place (B)
10. My home's full of funky fabrics and colours (A)
11. I'm late paying bills (D)
12. At the weekend I always have plans (C)


First to hit the dance floor? Yep, thought so! Orientals are centre-of-attention gals, who like the bolder things in life. Naturally confident, sexy and strong like Sarah Harding, you hate blending into the background, so you crave a scent that delivers a lasting impression.

According to James Craven of perfumer Les Senteurs: "Spicy, voluptuous fragrances suit larger-than-life personalities because the 'notice-me' notes (like evocative vanilla and incense) mirror their loud characters." Oriental fragrances also work to fake a fearless facade. "Underneath their confident exterior, people who wear orientals are often shy, so they choose a strong scent to mask that," reveals Roja.

Euphoria EDT by Calvin Klein, £30 for 30ml. Angel EDP by Thierry Mugler, £41 for 25ml; Nohiba by E. Coudray, £59 for 100ml.

Hesperidics - a group of fresh, citrusy smells - contain clever ingredients like linalool and limonene, which are uplifting and energising. They appeal to women like you who are "dependable and popular, but don't want to draw attention to themselves," says Roja.

You're attracted to 'neutral' scents much in the same way you keep your make-up ultra-minimal, like fresh-faced Leona Lewis. Zesty fragrances appeal to most of us, so they're the ultimate people-pleaser, plus they give a mood-boosting vibe, so they're great for providing an extra kick of confidence. Go girl!

BLV Eau d'Ete by Bulgari, £29 for 30ml; Ô De Lancôme by Lancôme, £27 for 30ml; Mediterraneo by Carthusia, £45 for 50ml.

"Most fragrance experts believe that people who favour florals are sunny-natured and straightforward," says Lyn Harris, founder of luxury fragrance brand Miller Harris.

Like Jennifer Aniston, people are drawn to your bubbly personality and likeable disposition. You don't normally spend too much time fretting about things, your home is cluttered with gorgeous goodies bought on a whim and you were born a social butterfly - always phoning your mates and arranging girlie catch-ups.

"Floral scents are pretty and feminine without being OTT," continues Lyn, "so wearing them sends out the message that you're feminine, optimistic and refined." No wonder they're such a popular choice.

Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy, £39 for 50ml; Idylle by Guerlain, £38 for 35ml; PureDKNY by DKNY, £32 for 30ml.

Chypres are 'musky' scents - think leather, iris, oak and moss - that suit elegant, sophisticated personalities such as you and Kate Winslet.

"Chypres are traditionalists - they don't follow trends and will love the same dress or shoes for years," says Roja. You may have a naturally scatty side (is that another speeding ticket or unpaid bill lying on your kitchen table?!), which makes you crave structure, such as set office hours and a tidy house.

You're just as happy wearing jeans and your favourite T-shirt as you are getting all dressed up. Chypre scents are your way of adding a mysterious allure. One spray equals instant exoticism.

Diorella by Dior, £68 for 100ml; Un Petit Rien by Miller Harris, £60 for 50ml; Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga, £42 for 30ml.


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