Don’t cry – Work

“My Warhol
I love Andy Warhol and I love the work of Andy Warhol. I love Andy Warhol with an exclusive and egoistic love. It is not respect or admiration that I have for him and his work, it is love. Andy Warhol dared to say “yes”. Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys were my professors, even if I was not in their academies. The first time I saw an artwork by Andy Warhol was in 1978 in the Kunsthaus Zurich. It was the painting “129 die in jet” painted in 1962. I felt included, imediately, included in the work of the artist, included in art. This was the first time in my life that art had impact for me, the first time that I was directly in dialogue with an artwork. “129 die in jet” did change my life […] Andy Warhol’s painting showed me that commitment and enlargement remove the meaning. He suggested another kind of meaning, a different meaning. I realized that art gives me the space to think. Andy Warhol was courageous. He cooperated with reality in order to change it. Andy Warhol showed me that reality can’t be changed unless you agree with it. Andy Warhol remained true to what he had been at the outset, he developed, he repeated it, he industrialized it, he exaggerated it. With his work, Andy Warhol constantly defended with people the autonomy of art. I always think of what he once said :” Don’t cry- Work!”

Andy Warhol

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