How long does it take...

60 organise the seating plan for Chloé's a/w 2008 show?
The Chloé press office spends 50-60 hours over one month organising the seating. They decide how many seats each country has, who to invite, confirm attendance and then allocate the seats.

5 minutes...for nail varnish to dry?
5 minutes to touch-dry, 25 minutes to smudge-proof and 12 hours to rock-hard.

15 minutes...for a fashion photograph to hit the pages of a newspaper?
Every season in Milan, after the Prada show, photographer Chris Moore files his in 15 minutes. Moore and Suzy Menkes, the International Herald Tribute's fashion editor, rush out of the show into Menkes's waiting taxi, where she selects images which are immediately emailed to the Paris picture desk - just in time for the following morning's front page.

1 repair a snapped Louboutin heel?
Always 1 week. They are sent off on a Tuesday and returned the following Tuesday.

5 seconds...for a catwalk model to change between looks?
For a ready-to-wear dress, it can take s little as 5 seconds - but getting into a couture gown can take up to 10 minutes.

400 have a Chanel sequined embroidered dress made for you?
The dress from Chanel's s/s 2009 couture took 400 hours to make, including fittings.

25 minutes...for Luke Hersheson to cut your hair?
The faster scissor-hands in London take, on average, 25 minutes.

20 minutes...for a catwalk show to be reviewed and posted on's editor Dolly Jones got her review of the Lanvin s/s 08 show on to in 20 minutes.

3 walk the catwalk?
Depending on how fast models are told to walk, shoes worn and, of course, the length of the catwalk, this can take anything from 20 seconds to 3 minutes.


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